A poem by me! πŸŒˆ

For us there was another bit of excitement on our 6th positive pregnancy test.
Unfortunately again, theres no mind rest just another traumatic emotional test.

Life seems so challenging and uncertain,
yet Im left wondering! This isnt the case for everyone.

The excitement of a baby growing but the uncertainty of not knowing.
Hoping all is well and going to work out, but
unfortunately my mind is full of doubt.

The disappointment and sadness is hard to bare at times.
There are not going to be any nursery rhymes.

I stay strong and live in hope, we will get our antidote!
A lovely baby to hold and care
Our close family looking on with a happy stare.

After the rain comes a rainbow 🌈
bringing my hubby and i closer in tow.

Hopefully bringing plenty of sunshine after our storm, we will be lucky enough to hold our first born.

Laura Simms. April 2020

I wrote this after our 6th miscarriage!

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