Unhelpful questions a woman who has suffered a MC gets asked?

This post is a very true tongue in cheek account of some of the questions and some things people have said to me. If anyone I know is reading this, i just want to set the record straight! This blog and non of my blogs are targeted at anyone in particular. Ive been asked many of the questions, more than once. I just want to share my story and be completely real.

During my 2 and half year fertility battle I have been asked many intrusive questions and had some responses that can be hurtful if your going through a tough time. I have been very open about loosing my 5 pregnancies, sometimes I feel it’s been detrimental. As I found, people generally try to fix the problem your going through…. Even though there is absolutely no fix for the grief your experiencing.

Here are some of the not helpful questions I have been asked lol!😂

What are you going to do if you can’t have a baby?

You haven’t been trying long?

You need to relax more?

How do you feel when you are around a baby?

How much sex are you having ?

I don’t know how you are coping?

If you need someone I will carry your baby for you?

If you have experienced a miscarriage you may or may not have been asked some of these!😬 Humans can be very intrusive and very inconsiderate.

I can truly say not one of these questions have been helpful in my healing process.

In my experience, thinking of you and I’m here for you! Is possibly all that is nessasary and the best tonic for the woman suffering, other than one with a gin init.

Rainbow 🌈 chaser

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